The Guranateed Way To Make More Money Online

The Guranateed Way To Make More Money Online

What I’m about to reveal to you is a best-kept ‘open-secret’ formulae to boost your sales and get you making more money fast.


By now you obviously know the jaw-dropping facts and figures when It comes to internet marketing and becoming an entrepreneur… Maybe you’ve done some e-commerce in the past or affiliate marketing; I certainly did. Or you could be totally new to online marketing, in which case, what I’m about to share with you can save A LOT of time and money when it comes to increasing your profitability in your career.


It took me about 14 months to get this and is extremely powerful.




Remember it.


What is it? It’s you’re way to your share of this goldmine business model.


‘T’ – Traffic

‘L’ – Leads

‘V’ – Value

‘O’ – Offer

‘D’ – Duplication



People wrongly assume that they’re not getting enough traffic (people) which is why they’re not getting many sales, if any. But the truth is that it only plays the role of keeping the system going by pouring people down this formula and if you’re missing any part of it then that’s the reason your not making money efficiently and consistently. Additionally, if that traffic isn’t extremely targeted then you’re pretty much wasting your time because it’s like sending someone who’s looking for a sewing to kit to a product that teaches them about affiliate marketing.

Try all day long and pay for that traffic and you won’t last long at all. You lose money and you’re wasting you’re time because only the odd person in a blue moon will have both interests.



Leads are people who you’ve got to give you some of their information that you can use to contact them. The most common being their email address and this is critical that you capture this. The saying ‘the fortunes in the follow-up’ is true. Rarely will people you pop onto your sales page and pull out their credit card to buy… it doesn’t work like that. Only around 2% of people do.


Now if you’ve captured and converted some of your traffic into leads you can give them the ‘value’. So instead of saying ‘bye’ and never seeing the traffic that didn’t buy first time round you can connect with your leads with emails or videos or even phone call if you got their number!



Provide value after value after value.


Build that trusting relationship with them and provide them with value moving them closer to the sale because once they know, like and trust you… a recommendation to a product goes a long way. It’s the most powerful way to sell having someone like that tell you that you need to get something because it’ll help them.



That ‘something’ is your offer or someone else’s if you’re an affiliate. Make sure it’s nothing but irresistible and I have posts on my blog talking about how you can do this already but the number one thing to keep in mind is presenting your product as the one thing that can solve all their headaches and take away all the risks of them buying from you.





You closed the sale at a PROFITABLE rate so what now?

You duplicate, systemise, repeat the whole process using automation and a bit of manual labour whenever you feel like it to optimise and grow your profits.


This is how those online entrepreneurs like myself build our lifestyle. That financial and personal freedom because we a system in place that works regardless of whether we’re there or not and the money comes in without us lifting a finger anymore.


Essentially a vending machine you put $1 in and get $2 out with all day long.


If you’d like access to this lifestyle and save yourself from being one of the 97% of people who start out as an entrepreneur and fail then take advantage of our proven system which you can use by clicking here now .

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