Etiquettes of Email Marketing: Get Your Emails Delivered, Read and Converted

Etiquettes of Email Marketing: Get Your Emails Delivered, Read and Converted


An effective tool to bring in new customers into your sales funnel is email marketing. It too is a tool that can tremendously increase your sales, therefore, income. However, with today emails there are risks of potential malware or viruses so people are more reluctant to open an email from a source that isn’t recognised, is strangely written, or appears to come from a non-English speaker.


You can reassure your prospective customers that the emails you send are safe and reliable by following a few simple email marketing etiquette rules which lead to your emails being delivered, read and converted:

1. Don’t Sensationalize the Headline

The default setting for Yahoo, AOL, Gmail, and the other popular email providers is to show who the sender is and the headline. In some instances, the first few words of the email text itself will appear on the user’s email queue.

Therefore, the headline is the first most important element of your email that will determine whether the email will be sent straight to the ‘spam’ folder or be deleted by the customer without being opened and read. The chances of both of these applying to an email from you is dependent on whether that has a headline which is dramatized, overly exaggerated or makes extraordinary claims and the like all of which increasing the chances of going straight to the bin or never seen. .

So, your first objective is to get you email opened before anything, so your headline needs to capture the prospects interest and give them a reason to open it without you having to go over the top. Remember, crazy stuff will probably land your email into the spam straight away so avoid using exclamation marks – 100% stay away from multiple of them – as well as ALL CAPS and other crazy stuff you can think of doing with it.

2. Use the Person’s Name, If Known

You got your email opened, good for you. But the next thing they see first is the greeting. If you know the users name (Because you know them personally or the information was included in the opt-in) then use it! Insert their first name in the greeting, such as “Dear John” or “Dear Joanne” because it makes it more direct and they feel it more applicable to them, it reminds them you’re not some stranger so link it to your autoresponder. If you are however and somehow you know their name without them knowingly giving it to you then avoid this as it’s very off-putting to prospects. Rather use a more generalised greeting.

Compared to letter-writing, emails tend to be less formal so it’s perfectly acceptable to use the person’s first name. With the exception of formal titles like ‘Doctor’, using a person’s last name as opposed to their first can be off-putting also such as “Dear Mr. Simpson” or “Dear Ms. Wilson”.

3. Get to the Point

Emails are more like text messages as opposed to formal letter-writing and people get a lot of emails everyday so the receiver probably isn’t going to give the body of your email much

attention which is why it’s critical you get to the point with the very first sentence.

You have a few moments of attention, use those moments wisely by giving the reader a reason to continue and add more time to those moments. Increasing the engagement makes the reader naturally think in a way “I’ve invested time into reading this now, I have to read it to the end now”. So, don’t beat around the bush or try building up to your point slowly. Maintain the curiosity and interest you sparked and make the most of it. No dilly-dallying, it should be ‘bing,bang,bosh’.

4. Signing Off

Again, unlike traditional letter writing, you’re sign off on emails don’t need to be as formal as “Yours Sincerely” or “Yours Faithfully”.

If you observe others, the strong relationships are with people they can be relaxed around with and talk to.  The relaxed conversation, nothing formal, allows the trust and rapport to be built and used as a foundation so signing off with just your name is fine. Even sign off with something such as “Cheers” or “Chat with you soon”.

Following these general email etiquette protocols will increase the chances that the person receiving your email will open it and read it. Make sure the content of your email pushes the person to the action that you want them to perform, such as clicking on a link included in the body of your email.

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